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Photovac 2020 ComboPRO Portable Handheld Photoionization Detector with Field Kit (Intrinsically Safe)

Photovac - 2020 ComboPRO Portable Handheld Photoionization Detector with Field Kit (Intrinsically Safe)

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The 2020ComboPRO represents the newest advancement in volatile organic compound (VOC) detection coupled with operational simplicity. It is designed to respond quickly in emergency response situations while providing plenty of brainpower when you need it for comprehensive data analysis. With its proven photoionization (PID) technology and extended range of 0.1 to 10,000ppm, the 2020ComboPRO measures a wide variety of chemicals for environmental, industrial hygiene, and emergency response applications. Plus, with the quick-connect pre-filter tube assembly, it can measure benzene, a critical compound to identify in many environmental and industrial hygiene monitoring activities.


10.6 eV UV Lamp; 11.7 eV UV Lamp Optional
VOC Detection Range: 0.1 ppm to 100 ppm & 100 ppm to 10,000 ppm (VOC Mode); 0.1 ppm to 40 ppm (Benzene Mode)
Response Time: <3 Seconds to 90% (VOC Mode); <60 Seconds to 100% (Benzene Mode)
Data Logger Memory: 15,000 Readings (VOC Mode); 200 Hours at 1-Min Interval Sampling (Benzene Mode)
Display: Large, 8-Line Graphic LCD, Backlight, Manually Activated
Alarm: Audible (85 dB)
Battery Capacity: 8 Hours
Serial Output: RS232, No Parity for Connection to Windows-Based PC
Intrinsically Safe


Qty. Description
0 Tube Holder
1 Photovac 10.6eV Lamp
1 User Manual on CD
1 User Reference Card
1 115 Volt AC Adapter
0 11.7eV Lamp
1 17cm Sampling Probe
1 Multi-Tool
2 Nickel Cadmium Rechargeable Battery 7.2 Volt DC
1 Carrying Case for PID and Accessories
1 Replacement Filter (Package of 10)
1 Sample Inlet (Fluoropore Water/Particulate) Filter
1 Din 9 Pin to 9 Pin (f) Printer/Computer Cable
1 Communication Software on CD
1 Sample Probe Adapter

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