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Grundfos Redi-Flo2 2-Inch Variable Performance Submersible Pump, 100-Foot Lead

Grundfos - Redi-Flo2 2-Inch Variable Performance Submersible Pump, 100-Foot Lead

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The Redi-Flo2 Variable Performance Pump combines state-of-the-art technology into a light, compact and yet powerful submersible pump for precise, accurate, and reproducible groundwater purging and sampling. Features include: 1.8 Inches in Diameter; 100-Foot Lead; Maximum Head = 280 Feet; Flow Ranges from 9 Gallons per Minute (gpm) to 100 MilliLiters per Minute; Made of Chemically Inert Materials; Smooth, Uninterrupted Flow Allows for a Cleaner and More Accurate Sample; Low Velocities & Agitation; Portable and "Dedicated" Installation Options; and, Widespread Application Uses. Cooling shroud available; ask your Applications Engineer.


Full Load Rating: 0.5 HP/220V/3 PH/400 Hz/5.5A
Maximum Current (SFA): 5.5 Amps
Motor Protection: Thermal Overload - Thermik Geratebau, Series SY6 (176 F / 80 C)
Current Overload: 9.0 Amps for 10 Seconds (Incorporated into Redi-Flo VFD Controller)
Motor Lubricant: Deionized (DI) Water (Check & Refill Daily)
Minimum Ambient Fluid Temperature: 34 F / 1 C
Maximum Ambient Fluid Temperature: 80 F / 28 C
Discharge Connection: 1/2-Inch or 3/8-Inch (Both Included)
Dimensions (Pump & Motor): 11.3 Inches x 1.81-Inch Diameter
Weight: 5.5 lbs (Lead Not Included)


Qty. Description
0 RF2 Cooling Shroud
1 5/8-Inch MPT x 1/2-Inch Hose Polypropylene (PP) HD Hose Insert Fittings
1 1/2-Inch MPT x 3/8-Inch Hose Polypropylene (PP) HD Hose Insert Fittings
1 Redi-Flo 15-Foot Lead Extension
1 100-Foot Motor Lead
1 Hex Key, L Shape, 2.5mm
1 20cc Syringe
0 Bayco Cord Storage Reel
1 Redi-Flo 2 Stainless Steel Pumps Instructions
1 12-Inch Black Steel Reel (Stainless Steel Pumps)

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