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Hello, and welcome to a new era of
excellent customer satisfaction and support!

TRS Environmental has carefully transferred our products, services and rental needs into the competent and experienced hands of Argus-Hazco, our new owner and a leading provider of industrial health, safety and environmental monitoring equipment.

This new development offers you more of what you have come to appreciate in the way of product quality, expert consultation and technical support, and the people at Argus-Hazco are eager to partner with you to recommend the right rental equipment that best addresses your special applications.

Many of our own employees have been welcomed to the Argus-Hazco team of professionals, who are expert consultants and technicians in the areas of gas monitoring applications, and all of the rental products you have come to rely upon over the years are available through Argus-Hazco as well as many more.

Meanwhile, visit or call 1-800-332-0435 to discover more about what Argus-Hazco can offer you—now and in the future.

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